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Усилитель мощности Mark Levinson No.531H

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Установка и настройка.

Моно усилитель мощности (1х300 Вт на 8 Ом) 


One balanced XLR input per channel.
One unbalanced RCA input per channel.
One pair “Hurricane” loudspeaker outputs with banana-plug sockets per channel (banana-plug socket not available on the 230 VAC models)
Control Connectors:
One Ethernet 10Base-T port.
One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger input, 3-12Vdc.
One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger output, 3-12Vdc. 3-pin IEC standard power connector
Rated Output Power:
20Hz to 20 kHz at <0.5% THD,
300W per channel @ 8Ω,
full output from 2.25Vrms
Frequency Response:
Within 0.5dB from 10Hz to 20 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
>85dB, reference level: 2.83 Vrms
Input Impedance:
60KΩ (balanced);
30KΩ (unbalanced)
Voltage Gain:
Input Sensitivity:
2.83Vrms output at 130mVrms input
Power Requirements:
100V~, 120V~, 230V~, factory set for destination country
Nº531H: 300W;
Height (with feet): 7.65” (19.4cm)
Height (without feet): 6.97” (17.7cm)
Width: 17.75” (45.1cm)
Depth: 19.83” (50.4cm)
Net Weight:
Nº531H: 52.5 lbs (23.8kg)
Shipping Weight:
Nº531H: 62.5 lbs (28.4kg)
Operating Environment:
Operating temperature: 0º to 35ºC (32º to 95ºF). Storage temperature: –30º to 75ºC (–22º to 167ºF) Relative humidity: 95% maximum without condensation
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